Take one look, and you will quickly discover that our student ministry is dedicated to helping students experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ! We offer engaging services, life-changing Connect Groups, individual next steps, and awesome events. These are all designed to help students know and follow Jesus.

Who We Are

  • We want you to meet Jesus, know Him and then follow Him. Jesus’ words and wisdom lead us to the best life. We believe He is worth the investment. When you know Him, you will want to grow with Him. Everything we do involves pointing you to Jesus.
  • We teach the Bible, God’s Word, in a way that’s relevant to your student’s life. We don’t skip over the hard questions. We discuss them all so that we grow in every area of our lives.
  • We are held together by meaningful relationships. We are a second family. A place where your student can be known, loved and cared for.
  • We host memorable experiences that center around knowing Jesus, having fun, caring for each other and experiencing His mission.

Jesus, the Bible, relationships and memorable experiences make up First Colleyville Students. Ultimately, we want to see the real you follow our real Jesus!