Our Staff

J.C. Minton

Student Worship Pastor

Hey there! My name is JC Minton and I am a part of this amazing student ministry team. So glad you’ve landed on our website and I hope to get to meet you soon!

Little bit about myself. I am married to my best friend, Hailey. She is the most caring and intentional person I know, and you’ll find that out when you meet her. We are both currently hailing from Fort Worth, and both have strong loves for people and coffee shops.

I grew up in a Christian home, going to church and being involved in the student ministry. All throughout high school, my faith became very surface level for me. I went through the motions so easily, I felt that I was fooling everyone. It wasn’t until my junior year at a summer camp in Brownwood, TX that God really started to stir in my heart affections for who He is. Leading up to that point, God’s grace and love for me never truly sunk in. It changed everything from then on. God gave me a love for music, and leading worship is something I am extremely passionate about. Leading the body of Christ in song is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. It is the opportunity to speak truth over our lives and repeat it over and over. My desire for this student ministry and church is to see that worship is not only done on Sunday or Wednesday, but it is a daily occurrence for the Christian. From when we wake to when we lie down, Jesus is to be magnified, lifted high above every other thing in our lives.

I cannot wait to meet you! We can talk about music, sports, movies, how bad I am at basketball, how my finger was cut off as a baby and they sewed it back on. I am here for it all!

You can find me mainly on Instagram at @jc_minton