FC Stories


Jeff Crabtree

Jeff has struggled through a season of waiting while facing liver failure.  

Brenda Muñoz

After giving her life to Christ, Brenda Muñoz takes on the challenge to lead a new Connect Group for single mothers.


Jim & Michael Smith - Father's Day Story

Jim and Michael share about their shared love of fishing, hunting and Jesus!


Michael Glenn

Michael shares how his faith turned from just being his religion to becoming an intimate relationship with God.

John Harvell

John Harvell shares how he found new hope and life in Jesus Christ.

Trudi Gummelt

Trudi Gummelt shares how the abuse she endured as a child shaped the way she defined herself for many years.

The Slaters

Scott and Kim Slater discover God's grace through a season of infertility and several miscarriages.

Ryan Spaeny & Sean Severide

From a simple introduction at the gym, Ryan Spaeny begins a life changing journey sparked by a new friendship with Sean.

James Coffey

James Coffey shares about letting go of the anger he had towards his dad and embracing forgiveness.


Heartbeat of Christmas

Pastor Craig Etherdge paints a vivid picture of the anticipation of Christ's birth.