Kids Re-Entry Plan

Kids Re-Entry Plan (Date TBD)

We are currently in phase 2 of our re-entry plan. During this phase there is no preschool childcare, nor children's programming. A date is still to be determined for kids re-entry. In the meantime here are answers to questions you may have for when kids will re-enter. 


Why are we doing registration for Sunday mornings?

In an effort to provide the safest environment possible, all class sizes have been reduced to 50% capacity. In light of this, we want to make sure you know that you have a space or can plan accordingly if the space is taken up.

When is registration available?

Registration is available weekly on Monday through Friday for the following Sunday.  There is limited capacity so the sooner you register the more likely you will get the service you prefer.


What if I need to cancel my registration?

Please email Linda at with your name, your child’s name and service you are cancelling for. 


Why do you ask health screening questions?

Out of an abundance of caution, we want to make sure that children are healthy and not at risk to expose other children or volunteers to any form of illness. 


What are our sanitation protocols?

Prior to arrival and after room use, all surfaces are disinfected with EPA registered, multi-purpose, neutral pH, broad-spectrum germicidal detergent designed for use in hospital, healthcare and industrial settings. While children are present, all toys that come in contact with a child’s mouth are set aside to be washed in warm soap and water.


What has been done in advance of Sunday mornings to prepare for return?

All carpets have been deep cleaned as well as all classrooms and playrooms. All paper and cloth items have been removed from the classrooms. 


What are hand washing protocols?

Kids and volunteers will wash hands upon entering the classroom and after using the restroom. Hand soap will be used. Volunteers will assist kids by turning on water with gloved hands.


What extra precautions are in place to protect my children?

All staff and volunteers will be wearing masks.  All rooms will be single use only so all items may be sanitized after use. Playrooms and large gatherings will be temporarily closed. All activities will be done with safety in mind and strict room maximums will be followed.


Will my child be in their regular class?

In order to provide care for the most children possible, classroom placements will be based on registration. Therefore, your child will be with other children their age group, but might not be in their typical classroom with their typical teachers. This allows for all age groups to have a balanced child to adult ratio in every classroom. 


How do we get checked in?

All self-check in will be closed. We will welcome you at the main desk in the HUB – usually reserved for guests.  Give the attending volunteer your last name and receive your baggie of stickers. A volunteer will be checking the temperature and performing a visual symptom check of the parent dropping off and the children being admitted for preschool care. 


Why can only one parent drop off?

In order to reduce foot traffic and maintain safe social distancing we are requesting one parent and no siblings past the Station A and B doors. Please follow the one way directional signs and wait at your assigned classroom. If there is a parent dropping off please wait at the next available 6 foot marker.


Why are we not allowed to drop off diaper bags?

In an effort to maintain cleanliness, we are limiting the number of outside items present in the classrooms. This allows us to ensure the cleanliness of all classroom items for volunteer and staff safety. You may keep all bags and items with you or leave them in the car. Any essentials for care may be labeled and placed in a gallon Ziploc baggie for contact free drop off. 


What if I forgot and brought my diaper bag?

We will have an essentials station where you can label and remove all essential items that your child will need during the hour service. Please make sure everything is labeled with first and last names to prevent mix-ups. 


How do I know where my child goes?

Your child’s assigned class each Sunday will be denoted on their tag. You may check this to know which classroom to drop off at.


How do we pick up children?

Please send the same designated drop off/pick up person to pick up. They will present their tag visually to match security numbers.  Parents will remove the tags from their children.