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Why God Sent Me to Montreal...

by Kim Riley

"Her name is Lily and she’s

why God sent me to Montreal!"

Today we worked at a mission that serves meals, clothes, and has a grocery store. I worked the checkout line bagging groceries. I was with two ladies and the girl working the register is a 22 year old college student originally from China. It was a divine appointment! During our three hour shift we talked family and life and she asked about our group and why we were here. She said she was not religious and I said, "Me either, I follow Jesus!" I got to spend time sharing the gospel very clearly. She had tears in her eyes and I told her about La Chapelle. I handed her a card and am I praying she will check them out. She put my number in her phone and I told her to text me any time with questions. Her name is Lily (on the left in photo) and she’s why God sent me to Montreal! 

Kim Riley is First Colleyville's Administrative Assistant to Finance. Her and her husband Don have been active FC members for 25 years.

If you have a story of how God moved in your life please let us know!

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