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Revealing Scars

by Andy Boyd

When Jesus was raised from the dead, His body was transformed into the perfect resurrection body. Yet, that perfect resurrection body included scars. And it was those scars that actually drew Thomas close and caused him to believe that Jesus was alive! 

What does this tell us today? Could it be that there is purpose to our scars? Could they actually serve a function we have missed for so long?

Most of us have scars. Those scars could be physical, emotional, or relational. Whatever they look like, our scars are evidence that we have been hurt and damaged. Most of us would say that our scars are evidence of imperfections. As a result, we do our best cover them, hide them, or try to undo them. We want people to think we don’t even have them. Because if we reveal our scars, then we reveal our imperfection, and we don’t like to admit that we are imperfect.

But the presence of Jesus’ scars tells us a very different story. Could scars, in a way, be proof that we have really lived? Could they be the very things that allow us to share our story with others and draw them closer to a relationship with our perfect Savior? 

Rather than hiding our scars, maybe we should use them as the platform to share with others our experience of life. Because it is when we are real – not perfect – that we find ourselves in a position to point others in our lives to a Savior who is perfect!

Andy is the Communication Director at First Colleyville and enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys. 

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