Administrative Assistant – Students


Provide support to the Middle School Ministry, High School Ministry and College Ministry in the following 4 functions: Finance, MinistrySafe, Liaison and Administrative 


  • Gather information regarding contracts and payment for 3rd party vendors. 
  • Create purchase orders as directed by the FC student staff. 
  • Maintain and balance all trip budgets with regular communication updates to supervisor. 
  • Reconcile monthly credit card statement for the Middle School Pastor and High School Pastor. 
  • Update student section of weekly metrics spreadsheet for Operations Department, including numbers for guests, attendance and budget.
  • Facilitate the MinistrySafe onboarding process and interviewing for all new adult volunteers serving in the Middle School and High School Ministry.
  • Act as liaison between the adult Hospitality Team and Student Department for the guest assimilation process, ensuring that every new student is followed up with and is added to the church database. 
  • Act as liaison between the Communication Department and Student Department by submitting all of our graphic/video requests. 
  • Book events, including set-up and tech riders, as directed by FC student staff.
  • Be “three steps ahead” in terms of meeting preparation, communication, and strategic initiatives. 
  • Oversee all event registration and check-in processes.
  • Organize Connect Group Leader boxes to the end that all leaders have every resource ready and available to them.
  • Proof, print and cut weekly sermon notes. 
  • Maintain an organized website with accurate, up to date information. 
  • Order supplies/concessions for weekly programming and events. Enter and maintain accurate data in the church database. 
  • Proof and send weekly leader emails and monthly parent emails. 
  • Write and mail thank you cards and birthday cards to staff, volunteers and vendors on behalf of the student ministry team.
  • Maintain an organized department (lobby, supply storage and common areas). 
  • Other administrative tasks as directed by the student staff.


  • Must have the ability to manage several projects with the ability to anticipate potential problems. 
  • Must have strong administrative, organizational, and time management skills.
  • Steady, positive attitude
  • People-oriented, team player
  • Customer service minded
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, Outlook


  • Social media experience.
  • You are able to have a conversation, review a contract, plan an event, write an email, teach a life lesson, count money, and smile all at the same time.
  • You maintain a calm face that masks a brain working at warp speeds.
  • You can appreciate different types of humor and have an excellent “pity laugh.”
  • You realize the importance caffeinated beverages have on a team.