Worship & Creative Arts Pastor


The Pastor of Worship Venues exists to provide worship venues that inspire people to worship God and follow him completely. 


  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in related fields
  • Musical training in vocal and instrumental fields
  • Technical training/experience regarding sound, projection, lighting, stage design
  • Experience in building and leading successful teams


  • Must be a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and consistent disciple maker 
  • Skills in goal setting and leadership
  • Skills in understanding and relating to people
  • Skills in musical performance and coaching
  • Skills in technical fiends of sound, projection, lighting and stage design
  • Skills in current worship technology
  • Skills in resolving personal conflicts
  • Skills in pastoral care and discipleship
  • Skills in worship planning
  • Skills in budgeting and money management


  • Plan, rehearse, produce and lead out in Sunday morning worship venues and special events
  • Lead musicians (band and vocalist) to prepare and lead out in worship
  • Develop the musical skills of band and vocal worship leaders
  • Disciple and motivate worship team to walk with God, reach their world and invest in a few
  • Recruit, train and lead all technical teams to perform their functions with excellence (sound, projection, lighting, stage design)
  • Lead the way in creative planning for worship venues and special events
  • Oversee all worship venues, all ages
  • Oversee the development and execution of all goals for the worship ministry
  • Oversee all financial budgeting, money management, and upgrade/maintenance of all worship related equipment (sound, projection, lighting, stage design)
  • Other duties as assign by the Pastor of Community Engagement