Morning Thrive

THOUGHT: Use words of thanksgiving.

BIBLE: "Obscene and foolish talking or crude joking are not suitable, but rather giving thanks." Ephesians 5:4

TRANSCRIPT: Hey, everybody! Welcome back to Morning Thrive. We're talking about how to keep Thanksgiving going and really work thanksgiving into every part of our lives! Yesterday, we talked about praying and how we can pray with thanksgiving as a way to keep that gratitude alive in our hearts.

Now let me give you something that you may not think about when it comes to thanksgiving.  It is the words that you use. Are you speaking words of Thanksgiving?
Ephesians 5:4 says, "Obscene and foolish talking or crude joking are not suitable, but rather giving thanks."

Now this may be a little convicting, right? For some of you, your family’s mother’s tongue is sarcasm, right? Your playfulness is always cutting other people down.  It may not even playful. Maybe it's just the words that you use or crude jokes that are kind of on the moral fringe. These just kind of roll off, but Paul said those things are often not suitable. They're just not what should be coming out of the mouth of somebody that loves Jesus.

What should come out of them as someone who loves Jesus? Well, Paul says it right there. Giving thanks! Man, not only giving thanks to God, but also giving thanks to other people. You know, I just don't think we say, thank you, enough. Say thank you to the person that gets up during the commercial break and gets you a Diet Coke from the refrigerator. Being grateful to the person that blessed you and helped you in some way. Just consistently saying thank you can be such a blessing!

Thank the person that waits on you at a restaurant, or a person you encounter in the grocery store, somebody at work that does something for you. Just say, "Hey, what you did really helped me or was really a blessing. Thank you for that!" That's a real blessing to others, it is something you can do right now, and it will refresh and renew the people that hear it. So, why not today, work thanksgiving into your conversation by telling someone thank you.

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