Pastor of Guest Services 

Pastor of Guest Services 

Part Time


The Pastor of Guest Services exists to help every guest move toward church membership.


At least a bachelor’s degree
Experience in building and leading successful teams 
Experience in hospitality related fields
Experience in training and development of people


Must be a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and consistent disciple maker
Skills in goal setting and leadership
Skills in understanding and relating to people     
Skills in resolving personal conflicts
Skills in pastoral care and discipleship 
Skills in problem solving
Skills in budgeting and money management


Recruit, train and coordinate all Coordinator Leaders for Sunday mornings and during special events, including: Parking Lot Greeters, Worship Greeters, Coffee Team, Ushers and Info Desk Teams
Help recruit, train and coordinate all Team Leaders for Sunday morning and during special events
Create a culture of hospitality, that is safe and welcoming to guests and anticipates their needs
Create a Welcome Team whose central focus is helping first-time guests acclimate to our church
Develop strategies and systems to connect guests to different ministries in different buildings
Oversee the registration and follow up of all guests on Sunday mornings and during special events. This includes the collection of guest information, the storing of information on the church database (CCB), and the creation and execution of a multiple-week follow up process for guests, which may include: personal calls, visits, emails, videos, etc.
Oversee the movement of guests toward church membership, including: the coordination of Dinner with the Pastors, Membership Class and baptism
Oversee the development and execution of all goals related to Guest Services.