Connect Groups

The purpose of Connect Groups is to connect people into the body at First Colleyville while helping them make disciples and multiply spiritually in the life of others.  

At First Colleyville each of our Connect Groups are designed to meet people’s needs based on where they are in life.  We understand that life is dynamic, with each stage presenting new and, sometimes, difficult challenges.  With this in mind we offer groups in four basic LifeStages.  Understanding these LifeStages will assist you in finding the best group for you to connect with.  

LifeStage 1 groups are offered for young adults and parents of children (through 4th grade).  These groups are dedicated to investing in and training young adults and parents as they develop a strong foundation of faith, family and ministry.

LifeStage 2 groups are offered for parents of students (grades 5 through college). These groups are committed to partnering with parents to help them navigate through this important season of life while preparing their student(s) for an ever-changing world.

LifeStage 3 groups are offered for empty nesters, retirees and senior adults. These groups are passionate about investing in adults as they model lives of faithfulness, obedience, and integrity. 

LifeStage 4 groups are multigenerational groups open to all adults, single and married.  Groups in this LifeStage are not defined by a specific stage of life, but find common ground through personal relationships, Bible study, and community.