Connect Groups

Purpose: The purpose of Connect Groups is to connect people into the body at First Colleyville while helping them make disciples and multiply spiritually in the life of others.  

LifeStages: First Colleyville has intentionally designed each Connect Group to meet people’s needs based on where they are, currently, in life. We understand that life is dynamic and each stage presents new challenges. Our group members understand because they are right there with you.

  • LifeStage 1: College & Young Adults 
  • LifeStage 2: Parents of Children (through 5th grade)
  • LifeStage 3: Parents of Children (6th grades through college)
  • LifeStage 4: Retirees, Empty-nesters & Senior Adults  
  • LifeStage 5: Multigenerational 

Connect Group Series

Everyday Heroes: A Bible Character Study