Morning Thrive

THOUGHT: Surrender to the will of God.

BIBLE: “...and he prunes every branch that produces fruit so that it will produce more fruit. You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.” John 15:2-3

TRANSCRIPT: Hey everybody, welcome back to the Morning Thrive. We're talking about living a successful life, a fruitful life. You know your fruit is what you bring to God. It's what you show for your life. It's the people you've invested in that now you offer to the Lord out of gratitude and worship when you stand before Jesus. 

And sometimes we don't live fruitful lives. Sometimes we're very successful in our career, but not so successful in our life. And so, yesterday we talked about secret sin can bog us down in the mud and keep us from being fruitful. 

Another thing that can keep us from really producing much fruit is that we need pruning. In fact, Jesus talks about this. He said, “He prunes every branch that produces fruit so that it will produce more fruit.” Sometimes, in order for you to really be effective in investing in other people, you need to have some things pruned out of your life.

I have a friend of mine who talked about his wife as being a relentless pruner. At the end of the winter, or early spring, she goes into the garage and pulls out the shears like something out of a horror movie and goes to work on the bushes and trees and cutting. And it looks like a crime scene when she's done. But every year, new life springs out. New growth, new productivity. 

You know, sometimes we have to relentlessly prune ourselves and get rid of some things that are distracting us and focus on the things that are really productive for God's kingdom. Pruning can happen at your hand in the sense that you say, "Hey, I need to cut some things out of my life and really prioritize the things of God." 

Sometimes pruning comes at God's hand when we go through hardship or crisis and God is really pulling away things that we would never let go of so we can finally focus on eternal things. So, are you willing for God to prune you?

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