Morning Thrive

THOUGHT: Speak words of identity to the people in your life.

BIBLE: You are my beloved Son…” Luke 3:22

TRANSCRIPT: Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Morning Thrive.

Think for a minute about your past. Think about your childhood. What are the things that you heard said about you or what people said about you when you were a kid? Maybe they said you are so blank. Now, was it a positive thing? Or was it a negative thing?

You know, most of us fill that blank in with something negative. You’re so clumsy. You’re so fat. You’re so ugly. You’re so irresponsible. Or whatever the thing may be. But when people say you are so blank, what they’re really doing is talking about who you are. Talking about your identity.

Now listen. If you want to speak life to the people in your life, you not only need to speak words of love. That was L. But in the acrostic L-I-F-E, the I stands for identity. You need to say you are statements that are positive and affirming.

When the Father spoke life to his Son, Jesus at his baptism, in Luke 3:22 he said, “You are my beloved Son…”. You are mine. You belong to me. That’s who you are.

Listen. Your words can help define who a person is. The people in your life want to hear from you what you think about them. If you said you are so talented. You are so smart. You are so diligent. You are so kind. You are so influential. You have such great leadership qualities. These types of things really begin to call out identity that they can embrace and they can begin to shape exactly who they are.

So why not speak words of identity. If you want to speak life to the people in your life, speak words of love. Speak words of identity. Say this week: You are so…and say something great. Alright? And watch their face light up.

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