Morning Thrive

THOUGHT: Who are you pursuing that needs Jesus?

BIBLE: Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. John 4:35

TRANSCRIPT: Hey everybody! Welcome back to the Morning Thrive. We’re talking about how to live a life that matters. And we’ve covered a lot of things. Knowing and following Jesus matters. Living in Biblical community matters. Investing your life in others to help them grow spiritually, that matters. Here’s the last one. Reaching people with the Gospel. You know that really matters. You know I’ve heard that the only things that live forever are God, His Word, and the souls of men and women. If that’s true, then perusing people with the Gospel is one of the important things that you can possibly do with your life. Just think about it. The second after you die your eternity is sealed. People are going to spend eternity somewhere and I’ve heard one friend of mine say, “Eternity is too long to be wrong.” You know Jesus talked about this in John verse 35 when he told His disciples, “Look at the fields, they are ripe for harvest.” Listen, people are eager to know how to be right with God and God will bring those searching people right in the cross-section of your life because He wants you to share with them. I remember having a prayer time with a lady on our staff team, and there was a group of us praying and she was praying, she was thanking God for her husband that was saved and the difference that Christ has made in his life. I remember him before he was a believer, now I know him as a hot hearted follower of Jesus that loves God. And my eyes just welled up with tears because I was so thankful that Jesus saved him. Listen there are people like that around you and God’s putting them in your life so that you can reach them. Listen, that matters. So if you want a life that matters, do what matters. Hope to see you this weekend at First Colleyville. Have a great weekend. 

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